Preparation for Ordered Ministry

What is ordered ministry and why is it important to the Presbyterian Church?  What does one need to know to be an effective leader in the Presbyterian church?  These videos will explore and answer these and other questions about ordained leadership in the Presbyterian tradition.

Lesson One:  Ordered Ministry


Wait. I thought I signed up to be a Deacon or a Ruling Elder. What's this "Ordered Ministry" thing?  

the Study Guide for "Ordered Ministers"

Lesson Two: Being Leaders


Being a leader in the Presbyterian Church is not about accomplishing particular tasks. It's about discerning where God is leading and then helping a congregation follow? But how do we do that?

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Lesson Three: Who is the Church?


Any consideration of who or what the Church is has to begin with a consideration of who GOD is and what GOD is up to. The good news of the Gospel is not about us. It's about God.

Download the Study Guide for "Who is the Church?"

Lesson Four: What is the Church?

How do we know that the Church is the Church? What are the "marks" of the Church?

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Lesson Five: Being a Confessional Church

The Presbyterian Church calls itself a "confessional church." We use official theological documents to help us interpret scripture.

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Lesson Six: The Confessions

The Confessions of our church are "reliable expositions of what scriptures leads us to believe and do." But where did these confessions com from? Why were they written, and what point were they trying to make?


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Supplemental Materials for "The Confessions"

Lesson Seven: A Brief Statement of Faith

What do Presbyterians believe? A lot of things. What does the Presbyterian Church teach? Find out in this brief look at A Brief Statement of Faith.

Download the Study Guide for "A Brief Statement of Faith"

Lesson Eight: Principles of Order and Government

Presbyterian Leaders agree to live life in a certain way, and to be corrected when we don't. What are the principles that guide us?

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Lesson Nine:  The Councils of the Church


When Presbyterians "do church", they do it intentionally, together in groups. We call these groups "councils." 



Lesson Ten:  The Dynamics of Worship

One of the primary responsibilities of the Session is to provide for a congregation's worship life. What are the basic ideas and rhythms that we need to be aware of?

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Lesson Eleven : The Word in Worship

What do we mean when we say "The Word of the Lord"? Are we talking about Jesus or the Scriptures?   Short answer: Yes.

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Lesson Twelve: The Sacraments in Worship

The Sacraments are the simplest way we know to tell the story of God's Grace. Baptism and The Lord's Supper will not let us forget the truth of  God's Grace.

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Lesson Thirteen: Prayer and Song in Worship


For most people, it is the prayers and music in worship that are the introduction to the Christian Faith.

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